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The Bike Car

The Bike Car

What could possibly be better than a family bike ride? Kids and parents alike enjoy quality time together on the Bike Car - a fun, eco-friendly, and unique alternative for family transportation. With its electric motor, you can be sure that your legs won’t tire out carrying your kids to school, running errands, or having family time on the trails. 

  • 350 Watt Electric Motor
  • An estimated 70 miles per charge
  • Samsung powered 36v, 16Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Carrying capacity of 400lbs
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Bike Car is an Experience like no other

We are proud of the incredible build quality of our bikes. The Bike Car was built with dependability, safety, and functionality in mind, to offer your family peace of mind while you enjoy taking in the fresh air. Spend valuable time face-to-face with your kids as you exercise, or just roll along together. Explore how the Bike Car changed our lives for the better.

About the Bike Car family


Hop on (or in) the Bike Car and discover how it can change your commute and family time. Ride in comfort and style with its sleek and sturdy design. It’s easy to steer, easy to stop, and a smooth ride all around. The cargo basket features padded seats and seat belts for your precious passengers.


We created Bike Car with affordability in mind. Now any family can ride together, even if the kids are too small to peddle themselves, or if the kids have four paws and a tail.


From the rounded corners of the basket to the strategic placement of the battery and motor, we made sure that Bike Car was attractive to everyone. You can be sure to catch looks from intrigued passers by.


The Bike Car’s aluminum frame ensures an easy peddle. The frame is incredibly lightweight, especially compared to other large bikes. Enjoy a safe and easy ride on this feathery light bike.


- Samsung powered 36v, 16Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
- 350 Watt Electric Motor
- premium LCD display
- Rounded lightweight basket
- Padded Seats
- Removable basket cover
- Electric pedal assist
- Lightweight aluminum frame
- additional rear cargo rack
- puncture resistant tires
- 350lbs cargo load capacity
- 200lb total weight
- removable roll cage
- 3 point harness seat belts
- hydraulic brakes


Every family deserves quality time together, and that's why we’ve designed bike car with every family in mind. Kids and Adults of all ages can enjoy riding together. Bike Car is accessible, affordable, and ready to take your family on adventures today.


We listen to our customers. Innovation is fueled by necessity, and change is made by challenges, so we pride ourselves on continually improving the Bike Car. You can follow us on social media to keep in touch and let us know just why you love your bike car.