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OUR MISSION: Champion the planet and foster familial unity

Experience the joy of exhilarating rides, secure journeys, and treasured moments with your loved ones – that's the essence of the BikeCar Cargo Bike! Engineered to enhance your family time, whether embarking on a morning school commute, exploring the park, or leisurely strolling through the neighborhood. Let us outline three tangible methods through which our product range contributes to our mission of preserving the planet and fostering familial bonds.

  • Cargo bicycles will diminish the number of vehicles on the streets.

    BikeCar Cargo Bikes feature electric motors, presenting an exhilarating alternative to car travel. By utilizing these bikes, not only can individuals and parents eliminate fuel-consuming vehicles from the roads, but they can also introduce their children to sustainable transportation while ensuring timely school arrivals.

  • BikeCar Cargo Bikes encourage enjoyable family experiences.

    When we envision enjoyable activities for families, we ensure everyone can participate! To tackle the issue of limited space in the cargo bike industry, we designed our top-tier front buckets to accommodate up to four children or two adults. Apart from the benefits BikeCar offers to parents, our cargo bikes also offer secure and convenient transportation for adults with disabilities and senior citizens.

  • Unparalleled excellence at the most competitive prices

    After extensive exploration and comparison, we can confidently declare that this is the sole destination where you can discover family cargo bikes of supreme quality at remarkably affordable rates. Take comfort in the presence of safety-focused elements incorporated into every bike, including Tektro hydraulic brakes for reliable stops and active frame suspension for smooth and cushioned maneuvering.

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BikeCar Cargo Bike

The BikeCar stands as an iconic masterpiece. Since its groundbreaking introduction, the BikeCar revolutionized the cargo bike landscape! Our front-loading bicycles possess unparalleled capabilities and a cutting-edge aesthetic. The BikeCar, boasting a cargo area upfront, incorporates the finest Ebike components available. Every intricate detail has been fine-tuned for optimal performance – from the premium parts to the exceptional active frame design. This extraordinary children's cargo bike is the ideal selection for your family.